Activated Charcoal Powder 200gm

Activated Charcoal Powder 200gm
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Charcoal is the worlds best adsorbent substance. It is especially suitable for an antidote in case of poisoning and as an adsorbent for use in poultices and the like. When charcoal is activated in greatly increases the adsorption capacity of the charcoal. Its use is safe and has no harmful side effects when used correctly according to directions and the Advice of your healthcare professional. It has also been used for stings, bites, infections, diarrhea, swelling, vomiting and stomach bugs. This particular activated charcoal has a high adsorption capacity and is a medicinal, steam activated carbon of 100% natural origin. It has been processed to meet the high standards of purification required for medical use. It stores well, and comes in a powder pot which is designed to prevent leakage of the charcoal. A great help to have on hand for emergencies.
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